Thursday, January 20, 2011

"white lines..."

The second snow of the winter is beginning to fall outside right now. Or, The White Death as those around here prefer to call it. My clients from the north are always a bit surprised when I tell them about the typical reaction of people from this part of the country when faced with even the slightest prediction of precipitation below 32 degrees. While I freely admit that we are not as well equipped as our northern neighbors when it comes to dealing with winter weather, I think the general poplace gets far too upset about it. Instead of the guido triumvirate of GTL, we have BME: Bread, Milk, Eggs. These are the magic ingredients that will ensure one's survival should enough of the White Death befall us. (For the record, if I were really concerned about getting snowed in for any length of time, my shopping list would consist of beer, hot dogsand s'mores. All things I can cook in my fireplace and/or pass the time with.) Don't get me started on premature school closings....if I were a student, I'd be pissed about spending a gorgeous early summer day making up time for the impromptu vacation spent watching some weak-ass slush accumulate at the curb.

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