Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"get down with the sickness"

Some very lethal, virulent strain of stomach flu is apparently making its way around Memphis, and it so graciously visited my house this past weekend. I haven't dealt with that kind of illness in quite awhile, and hope to goodness it's at least another eternity before I have to again. I ended up nearly comotose for the entirety of the "snowpocalypse" winter event on Monday, which was a huge bummer. While I would have most likely been in the office for a good portion of the day, it would have been fun to take the doggies out for a little romp in the snow that afternoon. Here in the South we typically get only one good snow for the year, and I'm a bit surprised it happened so soon. It usually creeps up mid to late-February, just when everyone's minds are slowly beginning to turn to thoughts of Spring and warmer temperatures. Jack Frost always has to get that last-minute kidney punch in for good measure, it seems.

And so has passed into the record books the 2010 football season. I'm surprisingly not all that nostalgic and a little bit glad to see it go. It most certainly wasn't the "best of times" in Red Wolves history, but as far as that goes, it wasn't the "worst of times," either. Most of all I'm more excited than I have ever been about the 2011 season and our new head coach, Hugh Freeze. Unfortunately I have months of offseason to endure before kickoff in September.

Although we're only twelve days in and it may be premature, I am not exactly getting the warm fuzzies from 2011 just yet. I feel like in years past, January actually felt new and filled with the promises of change and expectation - much like the first day of school when I was younger. When I came back to work earlier this month, it just felt like I'd been gone for a long weekend. There was no feeling of a fresh new start or anything like that...just the sensation of sliding back into an ever-moving stream with no real anticipation for exciting things to come. (Please note that only really applies to my work life...I'm ecstatic about getting married in mere months!) I can't help but feel that we're all still reeling and unsettled from the merger/acquisition and changes from last year. I wouldn't have guessed in my wildest dreams that I would have had this experience this early into my career, but I suppose it's good that I've gotten it out of the way. I expect it may be more and more common in the years ahead, what with the economy and all.

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