Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"if you steal my sunshine..."

Winter is the pits. Period. I've never had strong feelings one way or another on SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but I can undoubtedly say that the lack of warmth and sunshine is wreaking havoc with my life right now. We've had two, albeit crappy, snows thus far this winter, but mostly just gray, cloudy skys filled with weak rains and cold, soggy air. I am craving sunlight and the chance to be outside without feeling miserable. I'm tired of layering up just to be comfortable while at home. See what I mean? Winter = whiny.

On an utterly different note: someone is going to have to explain a recent Target commercial to me. Target has always been one of my favorite advertisers - I think they're witty and they've really manage to develop and remain consistent with their branding as the Wal-Mart for hipsters and yuppies. Now I get the latest commercial linking the peanut butter, jelly and bread. But I am stumped when it comes to finding the common bond between yoga, happy hour and mascara. Here's the clip:

Now if someone can figure that out and enlighten me, perhaps I'll get to sleep tonight.

Speaking of television, there are an alarming number of shows on right now that capitalize on the "WTF Factor" of human abnormalities: My Strange Addiction, Hoarders and the like. I can't stand to watch that stuff. I'm doing all I can to keep my life on track these days and spending my time watching other people who aren't even in the same time zone as their track depresses me. You know what else depresses me? In a few weeks after the Super Bowl (which I probably won't even watch because I have absolutely no vested interest in either team) comes the football offseason. *sob, tear* You'd think I'd be happy to see it go...the 2010 season wasn't exactly a good one for me.


Tara said...

In the commercial our gal is all set to go to the gym after work (work-out clothes, gym bag..) but then her co-workers come up and say "Happy Hour". So she's gotta run by Target and get some mascara to spruce up her look so she's Happy Hour appropriate.

You're welcome.

kat said...

That's kind of what I thought, but I still feel like that's more mental work than I should expect for a commercial. Or maybe I'm just mentally lazy?