Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"signed, sealed, delivered..."

Leftover Chinese food and streaming updates from national signing day. I am such a dude sometimes.

From the sound of things, Freeze has done a damn good job in the short amount of time he had to recruit for A-State. The sad thing is that now I really have nothing to look forward to except the random spring practice update. The football offseason is truly depressing.

Winter's grip is still quite strong and everyone is miserable. We had a brief respite this past weekend with a gloriously sunny Saturday in the mid-60's. I'd wager over half of the Facebook updates were in praise of the weather. Everyone was absolutely starving for a chance to feel the sunshine and take in a breath that didn't freeze the windpipes. Unfortunately that damn jet stream is having its way with us once again and all I can do is dream of the spring days yet to come.

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