Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"let's get physical..."

I belong to a big gym, and that is no understatement. It's pretty much the Sam's Club/Wal-Mart of fitness clubs in terms of size, although I've likened it to a Four Seasons with regards to design and amenities. The sheer size, and the fact that it is part of a chain, makes more opportunities available for a highly variable class schedule, a child care area and an extremely wide range of equipment. I've really enjoyed my first year of membership and have made a lot of progress.


I really detest the first quarter of the calendar year when it comes to the gym. That's when all of the people who have made fitness or weight loss a part of their New Year's resolutions come out and really punish those of us who have made fitness/weight loss a part of our lifestyle. I call them Resolutionaries.

Belonging to a huge gym has its drawbacks. A facility that large has to have the membership to support it, which means at any one time there are typically a few hundred people sweating it out in the same building. But come January (and this is not exclusive to my current gym - I've experienced it at other gyms I've belonged to, regardless of size), the Resolutionaries flock in the masses and bring with them the bad habits and behavior attributed to those who haven't been acclimated to the fitness society. I knew it was coming, but experienced the full force of it last night when I pulled into the parking lot.

Naturally, there was hardly a parking space to be found, and the Resolutionaries were driving in circles trying to find a spot near the entrance. Uhm...you're about to go in and trot around on a treadmill or elliptical machine. Is a few extra yards of outdoor walking really going to be all that bad? By the end of January when the Resolutionaries have amassed, I'll probably resort to parking at the curb along the sidestreet to the gym.

Once inside, the hubbub was unreal. It seemed like every piece of equipment was occupied, but that was no big deal because I was there for a studio class anyway. But as I wound my way into the locker room, I observed quite a few of the typical Resolutionary behaviors:
  • Clogging the hallways, chatting with other Resolutionaries, instead of moving to the side lobby areas.
  • Having overly loud cell phone conversations while in the restroom or locker room. I seriously do not care what he said about her friend's friend, and neither does anyone else in here. Get the hell out of my way so I can change clothes and get to class!
  • "Saving spaces" or equipment in the studios. If your buddies can't get here in time for class, that's tough. Don't make me guess about how much room you all will need. If there's not a warm body present, I'm going to stand there.
  • Standing only 6 inches behind me in the studio. It is kickboxing class, honey. I hope you have good dental insurance.
  • Talking/giggling/not paying attention to the instructor while standing in the front row. The Cardio Lip Moving class is held in one of those side lobby areas near the front. I'd kind of like to see/hear what I'm supposed to be doing.

And the best one of all that I saw last night -- a real first for me:

  • Storing your cell phone in your (already abundantly full) sports bra.

I really don't have a comment for that one.

It's basically a lack of awareness and respect for the other people in the gym who are serious about working out so they can move on with their day. These Resolutionaries are the same ones who will wimp out come the end of March. At least then they'll be out of my hair.

I'm in full support of anyone who's looking to make themselves healthier and pursue a fit lifestyle. But I tell you, I'll be really glad when these posers drop like flies soon and return to whatever, and wherever, else they do to annoy other people with their lack of respect.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you blogging again. I always enjoyed reading your insights.

David (the DJ guy) Pickett